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Google: AR Floom experience let you dig a hole to another side of the planet

We’ve all wondered where we might go if we dig in a straight line down, and AR Floom brings this answer to you. This new experience in augmented reality from Google is intended to be fun.

According to Google, Floom is a “fun new way to explore the planet, built with WebXR and Google Maps.” You can open Chrome and tunnel through the land to see what’s on the other side, whether it’s the ocean or a city.

Google relies heavily on augmented reality. Indeed, the American giant recently boosted the augmented reality performance of the Pixel 4 thanks to the dual photosensor. It is then the perfect smartphone to enjoy the AR Floom experience or the Google Street View functionality that now guides you inside buildings.


To test Google’s augmented reality experience, you will first need to launch the AR Floom website on your smartphone. Once the experiment has started, the process is quite simple. For best results, AR Floom will ask you to access your location. If no window appears, go to your smartphone’s settings, then to “Location,” “Application authorization,” and make sure your browser is included in the list of authorized applications. Then the experiment will have to be relaunched.

The website will ask you to point your phone’s camera down and move it to properly detect the ground. You will then have to press on the small tornado in the middle of the screen, and you will see what is on the other side of the planet appear through the hole. To learn more, you can click on the button that appears at the top of your screen to launch Google Earth. It will then be possible to navigate in the area.

You can change your device’s angle to control the way your tunnel crosses the Earth and thus explore different places. The experiment is quite precise since even by relapsing the experiment, the results are similar when the smartphone is pointed at the same place. Google regularly adds features that allow you to use augmented reality. The company allows you, for example, to see prehistoric animals in your living room.

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